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Noise localisation – QuattroSound™ directional noise monitoring system

Novecom developed the Quattrosound Directional Monitoring System for an open cut coal mine operating in an area combining heavy industry and residential properties. The directional system helped the operator measure the relative contribution of various noise sources within the community, enabling a better understnadig of noise issues and how to reduce their noise impacts while optimising productivity.

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Newcastle 500 Noise Monitoring

Newcastle will come alive for the Newcastle 500 and so will the noise levels from our live streamed noise monitoring throughout the event. During the Newcastle 500, Novecom will be…
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Artificial intelligence: The future of environmental monitoring

Utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Novecom’s existing environmental monitoring devices can ‘talk’ with one another in the field, learn from their environment, and implement that learning to improve your company’s decision making process.