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Mine winder five-yearly audits must be conducted by an independent auditor

Advitech has a long history of conducting electrical and mechanical winder audits, and we maintain the necessary level of independence from winder design, operations, and maintenance.


Why design should anticipate human error

A tragic accident occurred in a US underground coal mine early in 2018. Work was being carried out on a conveyor belt without proper isolation and lockout. The conveyor unexpectedly…

Be confident your E-stop button will work

Advitech’s Risk Engineers can recall many scenarios in mining, utilities and the nuclear industry where an operator either presses the wrong E-stop button, or presses the right E-stop but it…

Did you miss the Safety First conference?

Managing safety riskMike Taylor, one of Advitech’s Functional Safety (FS) Engineers, was an invited speaker at Safety First Conference in April 2016 which ran in parallel with National Manufacturing Week. Presenting on…