Better and stronger together

Emergent Group has been built on the philosophy that we are better and stronger together. True greatness would come from blending our experience, expertise and perspectives.

A dynamic partnership of highly specialised technical sciences companies, Emergent Group was built on the belief that Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Manufacturing (STEM&M) technology and innovation can provide the means to secure Australia’s future.
Our team of engineers, scientists, mathematicians, data analysts and technicians allows the group to constantly rethink and remodel our organisation, adapting the way we do things and evolving in response to our changing environment.

Our group consists of Advitech, Novecom and Acubis. Our diverse portfolio of companies allows us to provide integrated solutions from planning and assessments; to manufacturing; to operations, maintenance, upgrades and asset management.

Our Vision

Emergent Group tackles the biggest global challenges by applying science and technology to solve problems great and small. We select and nurture our people to collaborate skilfully and creatively with industry and government to secure our sustainability and wellbeing. 

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At Emergent Group, we are different. We do not follow the familiar. We are avid explorers of the new, because it is at the edge of what is known that new possibilities are most abundant.

Collaborate with us, and let’s explore what’s possible together.