Big challenges. Smart solutions.

The world is facing some enormous challenges and it’s going to take smart teams, collaborating and innovating to solve them.
Emergent Group companies have been doing just that.

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Energy transition

The world needs to transition from carbon-emitting fossil fuel energy sources.

Whilst already underway, this transition needs to accelerate dramatically, whilst respecting our economic prosperity and community wellbeing. This is an incredible challenge, requiring new business models, technologies, and skills.

The Emergent Group team has worked for about 20 years with renewable and new energies. We’ve worked from hydrogen, batteries and solar, to coal and gas. We develop new technologies that underpin the renewable energy sector, provide guidance as to the safe operation of new and risky energy carriers such as hydrogen, and help traditional energy industries with transition guidance based on detailed analysis and long history of applied science.

Example capabilities, products and projects include:

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Plentiful food and drinking water

The world needs to improve the productivity and resilience of our food and water systems.

Today, 2.37 billion people are without food or unable to eat a healthy diet on a regular basis, and over 2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water or managed sanitation.

Technology has an important role to play in addressing these challenges, but must be carefully designed to be appropriate to the scenario it is deployed in.

Emergent Group develops robust, appropriate technologies that are designed to directly improve management of water resources and improve the productivity of the agricultural sector. We provide ongoing support to meet our clients’ changing needs.

Example products and projects include:

  • Novecom’s SynaptiX LID water management system, that uses advanced IoT technology to provide detailed, autonomous information on water resource usage, and is certified for use in regulated water management applications.
  • The development and installation of telecommunications solutions suitable for remote areas, which will be a key catalyst to the widespread uptake of agricultural technology products from around the world.
  • Our work for water utilities – from process analysis to instrumentation & control system development.
  • Advitech’s advisory work that reduced the environmental impacts of poultry farms across NSW.
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Sustainable Industrialisation

The security and prosperity of future Australians will depend on Australia’s ability to have a competitive, innovative and productive manufacturing and industrial sector.

We need to produce the products that sustainably meet our own needs, and allow us to export and solve the challenges of those overseas.

‘Industrialisation’ need not be a dirty word, and Australia is blessed with a bounty of natural resources that can be utilised sustainably. Emergent Group has extensive expertise on extending the life of assets, helping develop major new ‘green’ industries, and analysing and improving the environmental impact of heavy industry.

Example products and projects include:

  • Advitech’s work on risk-based structural condition monitoring and upgrades for aging assets across the mining, materials handling, and building sectors.
  • Our work developing new processes to utilise waste streams and prevent them entering the environment- such as with Mineral Carbonation International.
  • Advitech’s work on sustainability reporting, including national greenhouse and energy (NGER) and pollution inventory (NPI) reporting for a range of industries.
  • Our expertise on critical human safety systems, such as hoists, ventilation systems and winders.
  • Our work helping to develop novel energy storage technologies with Granite Power.
icon for a connected world

A Connected World

The global pandemic has shown how critical connectedness and the ability to communicate across distance or physical barriers are to personal wellbeing.

Across the world, communications and sensing technology are key to education, health and the equality of all people. Emergent Group develop, install and support sensing and communications systems that can be used to maintain critical communications links, improve safety, deploy replacement communications systems after natural disaster, or provide fine-grained intelligence on the environment around us.

Example products and projects include: