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Engineering, science and technology

Integrated solutions to solve complex challenges

Emergent Group® believes in big picture thinking. We approach challenges creatively, collaboratively and with agility. Our specialised engineering and technical sciences companies bring together a strategic blend of expertise, commercial and social acumen to deliver innovative solutions.

When you appreciate complexity, when you assemble the right people with the right skills who are motivated to succeed, you’ll find a solution.

Big challenges. Smart solutions.

The world is facing some enormous challenges and it’s going to take smart teams, collaborating and innovating to solve them. Emergent Group companies have been doing just that.

Energy transition

Moving to a reliable energy future, in a just fair way for communities.

Plentiful food and drinking water

Improving the productivity and resilience of our food and water systems.

Sustainable industrialisation

Building a competitive, innovative and productive manufacturing and industrial sector.

A connected world

Developing sensing and communications systems to maintain critical communications links.


Discover what we do

Engineering and Environmental Consulting

Engineering, environment, risk, project delivery.

Monitoring, Sensors and IoT

Remote environmental monitoring, emissions sensing, industrial IoT, data analytics, system integration.

Remote Communications

Wireless data networks, digital radio, CCTV, communications infrastructure.

The Latest

Managing ESG: The best strategy is based on good data

Managing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts is crucial for Australian mining companies. Advitech can take the pain out of understanding obligations and realising sustainability goals.

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2024 off to a great start for Acubis

Acubis has a new leader. Jeff Berg was promoted to General Manager earlier this year in recognition of his experience and contribution to the company.


Agriculture and Food Production

We help our agribusiness clients innovate for the future to produce quality products in a competitive way.

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Chemical Processing and Manufacturing

We understand the complexities of manufacturing processes, regulatory requirements, operational safety and the need to build sustainable businesses.

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We provide resources for DiD defined documentation, technical support and/or Integrated Logistics Support services

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Education Infrastructure

We support your infrastructure project through project approval, heritage management, continuous environmental monitoring and management and compliance.

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We assist with all technical, commercial, regulatory and environmental aspects of projects, supporting you to implement safe, efficient, and sustainable solutions.

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Local Government

We support councils with environmental planning, project management, engineering design, asset management and more.

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We assist you through optimisation, design and operational maintenance, keeping your manufacturing operation safe, environmentally responsible, productive and profitable.

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Materials Handling

We deliver practical and cost-effective solutions for conveyors, bulk loading, bulk storage and terminals.

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We support your open cut or underground mining projects from concept planning through to operation.

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Performance Venues and Theatres

We ensure staging systems are designed and built to standard, giving venue operators confidence in their integrity.

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Public Space Protection

We harness engineering and simulation technology to support the protection of public infrastructure with practical and cost-effective solutions.

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Public Utilities

We assist power and water utilities with environmental planning, heritage advice, engineering design, asset management and community consultation.

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Recycling and Sustainability

We help resources recovery and waste management facilities to comply with all regulations as well as meet community expectations.

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Research and Academia

We provide multidisciplinary support to academia to provide innovative and workable solutions for new discoveries and inventions.

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Transport Infrastructure

We support transport and traffic projects to develop sustainable solutions that address economic, social and environmental needs of the community.

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