The evolution of Emergent Group

Emergent Group was born out of Advitech Pty Limited, an engineering consulting company which began as a division of Varley Engineering in Newcastle NSW Australia. It was incorporated as a separate company in January 1988.

Initially servicing heavy industry in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, Advitech continued to grow and its capabilities gradually expanded to include a wide range of engineering services, project management, environmental services and software development.

Through innovation, organic growth and acquisition, the original consulting business evolved into The Advitech Group in 2009. The Advitech Group was established as an overarching Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Manufacturing (STEM&M) organisation with a growing number of member companies who work both independently and in collaboration with each other. While member companies each continue to operate as separate entities, all member companies work within a consistent framework in the STEM&M space.

In 2021, The Advitech Group rebranded to The Emergent Group. Our vision for growth is ongoing – we strive for innovation and organic growth within each member company, and continue to seek potential new members offering niche solutions with a strong STEM&M focus.


1986 – Original business established within Varley
Created as a business unit with G.H Varley Limited, Emergent Group evolved from a team who supplied drafting and minor software development services to local industry.
1988 – Incorporated as Invartech
Due to its growing success providing engineering consulting and project management services to the industrial sector, the business was incorporated as a separate company, Invartech Pty Ltd, in January 1988.
1990 – Company bought from Varley
Invartech was bought by its management team from Varley in 1990, establishing itself as an independent entity.
1993 – Environmental Services introduced
Expanding from its original focus on engineering and project management, Advitech began offering environmental consulting services in 1993.
1994 – Advitech name change
To reinforce its independence from Varley, Invartech changed its name to Advitech Pty Ltd in September 1994.
1999 – Novecom incorporated
Growth in information and communication technology skills led to the incorporation of Novecom Pty Ltd, who went on to develop its groundbreaking SentineX monitoring platform. Novecom has continued to build on this technology to become leaders in sensor-based information systems and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.
2004 – First SentineX prototype
Novecom’s breakthrough technology, the SentineX Remote Monitoring and Reporting Platform was successfully prototyped in 2004 paving the way for a new approach to manage environmental impacts and securing the future for Novecom as a technology leader.
2009 – The Advitech Group established
The Advitech Group was established as an overarching STEM&M organisation with a growing number of member companies who collaborate on niche technologies, innovations and customer projects.
2009 – Hushpak acquired
Hushpak Engineering Pty Ltd was acquired as part of The Advitech Group formation in 2009, bringing its noise control knowledge and manufacturing capabilities. Hushpak has become a leader in mobile machinery noise attenuation and continues to develop its noise reducing cladding product lines Hushclad and Hushpanel.
2011 – Shaw Engineering acquired
Shaw Engineering was acquired in 2011, bringing significant experience in coal processing and materials handling to Advitech’s consulting business. Initially branded as Advitech Shaw, the business specialised in coal processing and materials handling and continues to operate within Advitech’s engineering team.
2013 – Advipac Manufacturing established
Advipac Manufacturing was established as the manufacturing arm of the Group, ready to take on new product development in the advanced manufacturing space.
2013 – Acubis acquired
Acubis joined The Advitech Group in 2013, becoming Acubis Technologies. The acquisition furthered the Group’s technology capabilities, bringing communication networks and asset management solutions into the mix. This also expanded the group’s geographic reach into North Queensland.
2014 – SMS acquired
Simulation Modelling Services (SMS) was acquired to further the Group’s vision for continued growth as a leader in professional services. SMS’s modelling and analytical skills cemented our future as a STEM&M business.
2021 – Hushpak sold
Thanks to its continued innovations in noise control products and technologies, Westrac – one of Hushpak’s key clients – recognised the value Hushpak offered to its operations. Westrac purchased Hushpak in June 2021. Although Hushpak is no longer part of our group, we continue to collaborate and they remain a valued associate of the Group.
2021 – Emergent Group emerged
In recognition of the continued evolution of our group of companies, The Advitech Group was renamed Emergent Group in mid 2021. Born out of the philosophies of complex systems science, the Emergent Group name better represents our values. While we continue to evolve and emerge, we will also support Australia’s emergence as a global leader in science and technology.
2022 – SMS sold
In December 2022 Emergent Group sold its majority ownership in Simulation Modelling Services (SMS) to Canadian simulation company SimWell International Inc (SimWell). The senior management of SimWell and SMS have had a long-standing relationship through their participation in simulation software user groups and collaborating on projects. The Emergent Group directors have very much enjoyed working with the SMS team since 2014 and wished them and the new owners of the business every success for the future.