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Career Development for Graduates

Advitech is expanding its capability and connection in the acoustic engineering field, with the addition of Rong Li to the team. 

Rong standing near a road wearing high-vis and monitoring noise output.

As a fairly recent graduate, with an atypical pathway to acoustic engineering, Rong brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the team. With undergraduate studies in ‘Engineering costs’ and ‘Mechanical engineering’ followed by post-graduate studies in ‘Environmental Engineering’ and ‘Water, Waste Water and Waste Engineering’, Rong brings a diverse range of skills to her new role at Advitech.

With the support of mentorship, ongoing training and hands-on experience, Rong has been building on her education and previous work experience and is now well-equipped to contribute to Advitech’s continued success in the dynamic field of acoustic engineering. 

As we focus on getting early-career professionals like Rong actively involved in hands-on projects, we are not only expanding our capabilities but also investing in the growth and development of our team members. Advitech’s Acoustics team has worked with Rong on a series of projects, focusing on her environmental technical skills, such as using a noise meter (including where and how to best pick up sound) to extract data. Rong has become adept with the software used to analyse and locate major noise sources  

In addition to technical support, the team have worked with Rong to further develop her skills. This includes planning fieldwork logistics (day/ night work schedules), how to navigate challenges and manage them safely (e.g. proactively planning fieldwork to manage fatigue hazards, and reacting to changes in job conditions – taking refuge in a vehicle during a sudden thunderstorm!).  

Rong has repeatedly risen to the challenge and demonstrated a positive outlook and eagerness to learn. When the work car had a flat tyre at 2am while it was raining, Rong jumped in and was happy to help. Although she had never changed a tyre before, she was keen to learn and picked it up very quickly. 

Environmental noise monitoring equipment

 She enjoys working alongside experienced staff and appreciates their mentorship and patience. She hopes to inspire others to embrace learning and growth within our dynamic team. As she continues to excel in her role, she looks forward to making lasting contributions that positively impact both the company and the broader industry. 

Rong’s addition to the team marks a significant step forward in building our expertise in acoustics. By nurturing Rong’s skills and guiding her towards becoming a proficient acoustic engineer, we are enhancing Advitech’s position in the field and opening new possibilities for innovative solutions. Rong’s journey as she dives into the world of acoustics will not only benefit our company but also provide her with valuable professional growth opportunities. 

We will continue to support and empower our team members as they embark on exciting new challenges and contribute to the success of our projects.