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ESG Goals – The Importance of Environmental Monitoring

Novecom provides Australian-made solutions and support for real-time environmental monitoring, to support your ESG objectives and compliance obligations.

Positive impact on the environment

Real-time environmental monitoring allows for proactive action to be taken in how businesses manage their environmental risks and impacts. You don’t need to wait for mid-year or end-of-year reporting cycles to know what your impact on the environment is. Real-time monitoring, feeding into operation management decisions, provides a powerful tool to manage risk.

Evidence-based decision making

Better business decisions are made when there is an accurate and timely information stream. With the digital transformation taking place across all sectors, there’s no need to put up with manual and laborious collection of environmental data. Our sensor-based monitoring systems provide accurate, timely and trusted data you can rely on.

Centralised data for reporting on ESG performance

A single integrated platform for real-time environmental monitoring data. With the SentineX data acquisition and reporting platform, you can access all your real-time environmental data from the one dashboard, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Improved governance

When you have confidence in your management systems it becomes easier to engage and communicate with your stakeholders. Addressing issues as they arise and having timely information means you can be proactive and responsive.

solar panel array in a fieldESG Strategies and support

Talk to us about your ESG objectives and we‘ll guide you through the regulatory maze and help you create a strategy that is appropriate and achievable. With our expertise in engineering, science, mathematics and IoT, we’ll help you improve your business sustainability with practical, fact-based advice for your particular circumstances, values, and goals.

Help when you need it

Novecom’s relationship with customers is an ongoing one. Buying equipment from us isn’t the end of our relationship.

We’ll stay the distance to make sure things keep running smoothly. We provide instructions by video, and we offer telephone support. If we need to visit you to adjust or fix something, we’ll be there.

Our customers

Our technology is used and trusted by mining companies Australia wide. Our satisfied customers include:

  • Glencore
  • Peabody
  • Newmont
  • Yancoal

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