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Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Week (8-14 May 2017)

National Road Safety Week runs Monday 8 May to Sunday 14 May 2017 and this year’s theme is managing speed. In its fourth year, the event is organised by Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) in conjunction with Australian Automotive Association, Altus Traffic and Road Safety Education and is widely supported in Australia by government, local councils and businesses. With many vehicle incidents caused by excessive speed, this year’s theme is extremely appropriate.

According to National Transport Road Association, the two key elements to managing speed are:

  1. always observe speed signs and not be complacent
  2. slow down to suit road conditions, such as wet roads or foggy weather.

“The Advitech Group is committed to raising awareness of road safety. We have a lot of staff on the road every day – using both public roads and motor ways as well as private site roads. We will use this week to remind staff to comply with speed limits, adjust driving to suit conditions and to keep both eyes on the road,” said Larry Platt, Executive Chairman. “As engineers and scientists, we appreciate the importance of road data and statistics as a means of reducing road incidents. When our member company Acubis Technologies designed Intercepta as a road monitoring and speed management tool, we didn’t initially realise how important the amount the data would be for improving road safety. Based on the results of monitoring some 40,000 vehicles, Intercepta is effective in slowing down up to 98.5% of drivers and achieving improvements in road safety incidents”.

During National Road Safety Week, all Advitech Group company vehicles will display yellow ribbons. Management and staff will also show their support of SARAH with a pledge to #SlowDown so others survive and we will encourage our customers to also take the pledge by visiting. Over the week, a number of ‘yellow’ events will be held and on Friday 12 May, we will turn on our headlights to join “Shine a Light on Road Safety”.

Contact Larry Platt Executive Chariman on +61 2 4924 5400.