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World Environment Day – Each positive change counts

On World Environment Day, protection of the Environment is and should be front of mind but needs to be an essential aspect of our daily lives to ensure the health of the planet and the ‘guests’ which inhabit it.

As history has proven, whether due to negligence, malevolence, ignorance or misfortune, the environment is repeatedly subjected to adverse impacts from human activity – either directly or as a result of the environment reacting to various circumstances.

Climate change is an obvious example of the acceleration of natural processes due to human activity, with potential to impact ecosystems on a global scale. The use of natural resources at an increasing rate is also a challenge in a world with a rapidly expanding population.

It is within this setting that engineering and science have an increasingly important role to play. We must attempt to resolve these challenges by identifying alternative pathways and resources, advocating for and innovating new technologies, and leading to the implementation of practical solutions to many of the world’s biggest environmental challenges.

Emergent Group, particularly through our consulting arm Advitech, is focused on providing such solutions to public sector and industry clients on a daily basis. It is the resolution of such challenges which keep our passionate and dedicated people energised and determined to continue to drive positive environmental outcomes.

The team at Emergent Group comes to work every day with the desire to make a positive difference for the environment. It underpins every aspect of what we do.  We can assist with renewable energy solutions, ESG concerns, modelling of anticipated environmental impacts or monitoring of actual outcomes. Our team can be your experienced partner for the assessment and validation of remedial actions of the environment when adverse impacts have unfortunately occurred.

However, we should not be simply looking to engineering and science to provide solutions. As the old saying goes, “charity begins at home” and in this case the beneficiary of our actions is our planet and everything that lives on it. It can seem at times that a small change from an individual effectively contributes nothing, but with over seven billion of us already inhabiting the Earth, even the smallest positive change if made by many of us can lead to immense benefits.

On this World Environment Day, we at Emergent Group invite everyone to join us on our journey of environmental improvement and we invite everyone to implement at least one environmentally beneficial change to their life; as every change at a local level contributes to a much bigger picture for the planet we call home.