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What is STEM?

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. It seems everyone is talking about STEM. But is STEM anything more than a fancy acronym? And what has it got to do with The Advitech Group?

Government and industry continue to promote the importance of STEM to Australia’s future. A recognised decline in science and maths participation in schools has resulted in high school programs that encourage participation in these areas of study and inspire a future career path in STEM. Federal and state programs, such as grants and tax incentives, support research, development, innovation and commercialisation of new technologies. Amongst all these ideas and programs is The Advitech Group who, like thousands of other Australian businesses, is fighting to withstand the pressures of a difficult economic climate. The Group’s founder, Larry Platt, believes that the answer is to build on the foundations of STEM to not only survive, but thrive. “We will get through the tough times the only way we know how, by constantly rethinking and remodelling our organisation, adapting the way we do things, evolving in response to the changing environment, innovating together. STEM allows us to do this.” STEM is the foundation that underpins innovation. Without it, the challenges faced by our modern world could be insurmountable.

The Advitech Group is living and breathing STEM. It’s most recent member, Simulation Modelling Services (SMS), brought a team of mathematical modelling professionals to join the Group’s engineers, scientists and technologists, cementing The Advitech Group’s place as a true STEM business. The Advitech Group is constantly innovating. Day-to-day, a focus on continuous improvement leads to incremental innovations, such as new and improved processes and solutions to help solve challenges faced by customers. From more efficient designs and safer ways of doing things, to more sustainable practices, the Group continues to strive to do things better. At the other end of the innovation spectrum, the Group continues to invest in research and development programs. Newly created technologies directly help customers to solve the challenges their businesses face, such as environmental issues and remote communication complexities. The key to the Group’s success in this area is to keep innovation relevant – by listening to customers, and remaining adaptable to changing needs and the ever-evolving business environment. With a declining manufacturing sector, Australia must find its own niche to stay competitive in a global market. Through STEM, technology and innovation can provide the means to secure Australia’s future. Small to medium business is well placed to help achieve this. Leading from behind, organisations like The Advitech Group are helping to push Australia into the future. Building on the foundations provided by STEM, nurturing talented people, and supporting them to create and innovate, they are solving global challenges one small step at a time.