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Video Surveillance

Whatever your surveillance requirements, no matter how harsh the environment or lack of network coverage, Acubis has a video monitoring solution to manage your site’s valuable assets. Acubis provides camera solutions for many applications, across multiple industries including water utilities and mining. Our cost effective video monitoring solutions improve site safety, mitigate risks and reduce production and maintenance costs.

Given the right network infrastructure, Acubis camera systems stream multiple, high definition video feeds simultaneously and in real time. This allows sites to conduct;

  • Preventative management –  potential security threats, vehicle collisions and related incidents.
  • Asset condition monitoring – structural integrity of towers and dam walls.
  • Preventative maintenance – concrete structures, mobile machinery and heavy vehicle.
  • Visual assessments – confined spaces, at elevated heights, difficult to reach or remote locations, aerial mapping and site surveys.
  • Incident management – survey damage remotely during or after a natural disaster or severe incident.

Acubis follow a 3 step process, drawing on our extensive industry experience to design, supply and install specialised video solutions that operate on a high performing network. Our solutions enhance your operational performance whilst improving safety.

  1. Assess the site (construction sites, heavy mining equipment, crushing plants or water utilities) to identify the best network infrastructure to meet the customer’s needs.
  2. Determine camera and location. Options include fixed to towers or vehicle blind spots, or mounted on mobile assets such as draglines, communication trailers or drones, otherwise called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). We use infrared/thermal cameras for remote areas to identify stress issues on plant or equipment and have pan, tilt and zoom options that provide superior remote viewing.
  3. Integrate with intelligent software into the network infrastructure to provide real time monitoring, data analytics and customised reporting.

Talk to us about our latest in surveillance technologies.

Intercepta, Smart Radar Camera. Intercepta is a real time visual speed display with video feedback, designed to achieve speed compliance on site roads. High quality images can also be used to demonstrate driver compliance to wearing seat belts. Considered a safety protection device by mine sites, Intercepta is proving a valuable monitoring tool to ensure safety on mine roads.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Technology. Our UAV or drone technology offers significant cost savings and improved safety. Identifying how line of site (LOS) can be achieved is critical for maintaining reliable communications, especially across sites spanning hundreds of kilometres.