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Vehicle and haulage restraint systems


An asphalt manufacturing and civil construction company that services the Hunter region.


Vehicles are required to be transported to site on truck haulage beds. These vehicles must be appropriately restrained to the bed and meet the requirements of the Heavy Vehicle National Law and Load Restraint Guide.
There are significant penalties when a company’s truck doesn’t meet the National laws, such as enforceable undertakings, or the load may shift on the bed and cause damage to other vehicles or people in the vicinity.


Advitech was engaged by our client to engineer and certify several load restraint systems for various vehicles in their fleet.
Advitech’s engineers had to ensure that each vehicle would be able to be appropriately restrained to the trucks haulage bed and would meet the requirements of the Load Restraint Guide.
Our engineers performed calculations to AS3990 to ensure that the tiedown points of the truck and the transport chains used were capable of restraining each vehicle to the trucks bed.


Advitech provided the client with a design certificate that allows for the truck drivers to easily understand the number of tie downs, the grade of chains and where each chain should be attached for each vehicle that was assessed.