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Structural asset protection of ageing infrastructure


Our client was a major coal-handling facility with some ageing infrastructure that needed to continue operating for the planned life of the plant.


The facility operator was seeking assessment and confirmation that its ageing conveyor and building structures would continue to operate safely and economically for the planned life of the plant.

Limited access to some areas of the structures meant the visual inspection, assessment and non-destructive testing to confirm structural integrity and material quality was a challenge. Some critical structures had areas of significant corrosion that required priority design assessment and site rectification to ensure short-term life and continuous production. Other areas required surface preparation and treatment to ensure the long-term life.


Advitech has provided engineering services to this coal-handling facility for many years, so the facility operator was confident our structural engineering team had the right experience and thorough processes to meet the needs of this project.

Our engineering team developed an inspection regime and prioritised structural assessment plan to systematically evaluate the critical loads and potential failure regions of each structure. They then conducted structural design modelling, load assessment and material quality evaluation to determine the structural integrity and design life. Inventor CAD models of the structures were created to allow steelwork modifications to be designed and construction drawings to be prepared. Advitech’s structural engineers provided regular site inspection and assistance with site rectifications.


The structural assets were evaluated, design life determined, damaged areas of steelwork rectified, and a regime of ongoing inspections and monitoring was established to protect the asset value and operational integrity.