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Simulations minimise risk for complex supply chains

Simulation Modelling Services (SMS) provides consulting services, advanced analytics and simulation technologies that predict and measure the performance of mining systems and complex supply chains, helping clients minimise risk, reduce capital expenditure and operating expenses, and streamline production and logistics processes.

SMS’s clients include several mining conglomerates with operations in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. The company’s solutions are used to test proposed production and logistics systems, optimise the design and operation of existing platforms, identifying opportunities to improve processes and pinpoint bottlenecks and constraints.

Mining and supply chain-related projects that SMS has applied its services and technologies to include:

  • Mines: Bengalla, Blackwater, Crinium North, Illawarra Coal, Kestrel, Poitrel and Wilpinjong
  • Proposed mines: Bylong and Mt Pleasant
  • Coal terminals: Hay Point Coal Terminal, NCIG Coal Terminal, Port Kembla Coal Terminal and Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal.

Specific examples of value delivered to its clients include quantifying latent supply-chain capacity, confirming equipment utilisation for proposed infrastructure in greenfield and brownfield projects, determining the capacity implication of various saleable product strategies and confirming the adequacy of stockpiles and varying throughput levels.

SMS develops models and simulates a wide range of scenarios to help clients determine the viability of proposed supply chains, including optimising pit-to-port logistics. In addition, SMS models the impact of proposed maintenance on everyday operations, so clients can implement alternative processes that avoid or minimise risk and interruptions to their business.

This Case Study was originally published on Austrade within the Coal Supply Chain Report. This industry capability report provides an overview of Australian capability across the coal supply chain, including products and services that span the entire supply chain, as well as research and innovation to help maximise productivity, efficiency and sustainability.