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Simulation Training – outstanding, excellent and highly recommended

Participants highly rated the three day simulation training course run by Simulation Modelling Services (SMS) last week with the simulation training described as “outstanding, excellent and highly recommended”.

SMS is a worldwide business partner of Rockwell Automation, who developed the Arena Simulation Software and designed the simulation training module. The course was facilitated by Lucas Stretton, an experienced simulation consultant, who has worked with clients to enable data-driven decision making through the use of simulation modelling and advanced analytics. Lucas understands first-hand how simulation tools improve the decision making process and has helped customers achieve cost savings and improve efficiencies across a range of industry sectors.

“The Introduction to Simulation with Arena training introduces first time modellers to skills to tackle simulation projects in their own work environment and covers topics such as animation, operating schedules, materials handling and debugging tools”, said Lucas. “With my international experience in simulation modelling and years of decision support consulting for SMS, I can draw upon a wide range of examples from sectors specifically related to the backgrounds of the participants. What I like most about this simulation training is that it allows participants to put learned skills into practice”.

At the end of the course, one participant stated, “Such a fantastic course! This training course gave me enough knowledge to start modelling in Arena and improve my experience by self-learning. The combination of instructor and course materials were excellent”.

A highlight of the simulation training was the practical walkthrough of new concepts and solutions to reduce complexity in models. The course also provided simple answers to basic concerns that one participant had not been able to resolve despite visiting numerous modelling forums.

SMS recommends Arena simulation training to ensure users get the most from their software investment. This course empowers individuals with knowledge or background in discrete event simulation who want some assurance they are making the best decision for their project – before investing lots of time or money.

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