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Simulation Modelling Services Joins The Advitech Group

The Advitech Group (since become Emergent Group) is pleased to introduce its newest member, Simulation Modelling Services (SMS). Newcastle-based SMS brings with it a successful history in computer simulation to support strategic planning and production planning. This latest expansion further diversifies The Advitech Group’s strong technology capabilities and niche areas of expertise.

Lucas Stretton, SMS Principal Consultant & CEO, is excited about moving forward with The Advitech Group. “The complementary nature of SMS and the Group will bring significant synergies and benefits to both organisations and we are looking forward to a shared future”.

Larry Platt, Executive Chairman of the Advitech Group, believes “the addition of SMS further establishes our position as a leading provider of niche, high value-added products and services. We have a strong desire to see the Hunter prosper as a region of advanced technology and manufacturing. We’re proud of our contribution to this growth.”

SMS and The Advitech Group initially met as fellow members of HunterNet. The coming together of these two organisations reflects several important aspects of HunterNet – namely networking, collaboration and innovation. Together, the shared capabilities of these two organisations will help to promote manufacturing and engineering excellence within the Hunter region.


SMS specialises in the application of computer simulation technology to help optimise production and logistic system design. The technology minimises the risks associated with new plant and process improvements, helping to achieve design targets and deliver expected levels of performance. They have extensive experience building models to understand and predict how complex, real-world systems will respond to different conditions. SMS began in Newcastle in 1986 and has achieved a track record of successful projects throughout Australasia, Africa, the Middle East and America. Their experience spans a range of industries including mining, manufacturing, transport, warehousing and defence. As part of The Advitech Group – a local leader in consulting, manufacturing and technology – SMS now sits alongside Advitech, Novecom, Acubis Technologies and Hushpak Engineering in an integrated partnership of engineering, science, environment and technology companies.

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