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Protect your workers from hazardous chemicals

Matt Kean, the NSW Government Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation recently issued a media release titled, “NSW GOVERNMENT LAUNCHES PLAN TO PROTECT WORKERS FROM DANGEROUS WORKPLACE CHEMICALS”. The announced action plan involves site visits by SafeWork to some 10,000 businesses in NSW, with the aim of eliminating injury and disease caused by these chemicals.

Advitech’s Process Engineers are well aware of the potential dangers from storage, handling and use of hazardous chemicals (formerly known as dangerous goods) in the workplace. Industries such as utilities, mining, steel, fibreglass, food and agriculture are especially at risk due to the large quantities and number of different chemicals and substances that are used on a daily basis.

Our team of chemical engineers and industry accredited dangerous goods consultants (AIDGC) maintain a library of standards to keep abreast of the latest changes. Through our experience, we provide customers with plain English interpretations and recommend uncomplicated procedures to keep workers safe.

  • Can your facility confidently demonstrate to SafeWork NSW that best practice is being followed?
  • Can you verify your workers are best protected from injury ?
  • Would you like some assurance and advice from industry accredited consultants without the complication of detailed procedures and complex legislation?

Advitech can help you be prepared should your business be visited by SafeWork NSW. When Advitech audits your site, we use our proven checklist to ensure you are compliant and have adopted best practice procedures.

Advitech Hazardous Chemicals Audit Process
  • Check procedures for chemical deliveries, storage and handling
  • Identify potential compliance issues
  • Provide advice on current legislation
  • Target areas for continuous improvement
  • Check manifest levels
  • Check emergency procedures
  • Update site plans

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