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Optimising energy and dollar savings through measurement and verification


Our client was BE Campbell, operator of one of Australia’s largest pork-boning plants, boning about 42,000 tonnes of pork annually at its Wetherill Park facility, and employing more than 450 people. BE Campbell boasts an impressive array of premium quality meat products that it supplies to supermarkets, restaurants, butchers, food service, wholesale and retail markets. Product is sourced from multiple regions across Australia destined for both domestic and export markets.


BE Campbell recognised its sustained growth would be strengthened by incorporating potential energy-saving opportunities. This would increase efficiency, reduce energy costs and promote its environmental credentials in the marketplace by reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated as part of the pork-production process. To achieve this, BE Campbell sought a grant from AusIndustry under the Clean Technology Investment Program (CTIP).

CTIP is the cornerstone of the Australian government’s Clean Energy Future plan. It is competitive and merit based, requiring co-investment from applicants. There is $800 million available under the scheme for Australian manufacturers to invest in energy-efficient capital equipment and low-emissions technologies, processes and products.

To access the grant, BE Campbell first needed to undertake a technical study to identify energy-saving opportunities. It then needed to implement the proposed changes and demonstrate to AusIndustry the energy saving targets had been achieved.


Recognising our 15 years of experience in energy auditing and strong process engineering background, BE Campbell engaged Advitech’s environmental team to assist with its application for CTIP funding.

Advitech completed a technical study of the proposed replacement of an electric steam boiler, plus an evaluation of energy-saving opportunities for refrigeration and lighting at the Wetherill Park pork-boning operation. The technical study was used successfully by BE Campbell to obtain a CTIP grant.

Following the success in gaining CTIP funding, Advitech was then engaged to analyse the energy consumption and production volumes before and after project implementation.

Following successful installation of the new natural gas-fired steam boiler and upgrade of the refrigeration plant, we conducted a measurement and verification (M&V) report to prove to AusIndustry that the projects had in fact achieved the targeted energy savings.

Advitech’s team was ideally placed to complete the analysis, as they had accumulated vast experience in energy auditing and reporting from more than 50 clients in numerous industry sectors. Our energy-auditing professionals are accredited by the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH) and the federal government Energy Efficiency Opportunity (EEO) and National Greenhouse Gas Reporting (NGERS) programs.

Recently, two Advitech Group personnel, Micah Bell and Jim Kelty, successfully achieved the internationally recognised Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP) accreditation.

Working closely with BE Campbell, Advitech analysed natural gas, electricity consumption and production volumes. This required regression analyses of production versus energy consumption and temperature versus energy consumption. As is often necessary in M&V analyses, adjustments were required to allow for variances in a number of factors so a true comparison could be made between pre and post-project energy consumption.


BE Campbell achieved very close to the savings claimed in its CTIP application. The amount of energy used per tonne of production decreased by more than 3 per cent.

Energy savings calculated via the AusIndustry Carbon and Energy Savings Calculator showed:

  • 8% reduction in carbon intensity from the process
  • carbon savings over the life of the project amount to 5.34kT

Advitech’s M&V report was accepted by AusIndustry, allowing BE Campbell to receive its final payment under the CTIP program.

BE Campbell’s Operations Project Manager, Eddy Jones, complimented the project concept and design. “We were pleased Advitech’s thorough verification assisted us to achieve positive financial and environmental outcomes,” Mr Jones said.