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World Engineering Day – Meet our people

This Friday 4 March is World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development. We thought it was a great opportunity to talk to our people about what led them to engineering as a career, what excites them about it and what engineering for sustainable development means to them.

Glenn – Electrical Engineer, Emergent Group

Meet Glenn who is Executive Director, Strategy and Innovation at Emergent Group. Glenn, an electrical engineer with a PhD is a recognised leader in Australia’s renewable energy sector.

Glenn is tasked with identifying how Emergent Group’s world-class engineering and science expertise can be brought to solve the biggest challenges of Australia’s new energy industries.

Lilly – Structural Engineer, Advitech

Meet Lilly who is in the Advitech Asset and Infrastructure team. Lilly hails from Germany and now happily calls Newcastle home. She loves the friendly atmosphere in our office and the variety of interesting projects she gets to work on.

Sam – Mechatronics Engineer, Novecom

Meet Sam who is a Mechatronics Engineer with Emergent Group company Novecom. Sam was inspired by a teacher and University of Newcastle Open Day to pursue engineering. When he interviewed with Emergent Group company Advitech, he was snapped up by Novecom for his strong electronics background.

Iain – Functional Safety Engineer, Advitech

Meet Iain who is a Risk and Functional Safety Engineer at Advitech. Iain grew up in Scotland, always wanting to know how things operated and why they worked the way they did. He enjoys the team environment and the variety of opportunities for problem solving offered at Advitech.

Patrick – Process Engineer, Advitech

Meet Patrick who is a Process Engineer at Advitech. Patrick does a lot of environmental and sustainability work such as air quality and ventilation assessments. He loves learning from other engineers from different backgrounds and disciplines.

Phil – Mechanical Engineer, Advitech

Meet Phil who is a Mechanical Engineer at Advitech. Phil is motivated by being able to contribute to society. He finds that the skills he develops as an engineer are applicable to all sorts of situations encountered in life.