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Greater Hunter Makers Festival

The Advitech Group was very proud to participate in the Greater Hunter Makers Festival earlier in November.

The inaugural event was a great success and an inspiring experience for all of us at The Advitech Group, as well as everyone else in attendance – from young kids and school students through to entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The event achieved its objectives to lift the spirits of local manufacturers; change community perceptions of modern manufacturing; demonstrate our region’s strength in teaching and research; and showcase our manufacturing and technology capabilities. It is also anticipated that the event will contribute to the establishment of the region as a centre of engineering excellence, promoting the reputation of the Greater Hunter around the world.

A fellow exhibitor has written a great blog post about the event. It’s worth a read: What we’re capable of: Tales from the Greater Hunter Makers Festival.

The Advitech Group showcased some of our specialised products – Intercepta smart radar camera, SentineX environmental monitoring platform, HushPanel acoustic fencing, dozer attenuation components – all designed, developed and manufactured by companies within The Advitech Group.

Larry Platt, Executive Chairman, The Advitech Group