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Time and cost efficiencies for irrigation cooperative

The Narromine Irrigation Board of Management, a private irrigation scheme, invested in Novecom’s SynaptiX telemetry network to collect water meter data for the cooperative. The result has been increased efficiences and significant cost savings.

The Narromine Irrigation Board of Management operates over a 40 square kilometre region of central New south Wales, a considerable area for the manual monitoring of irrigation water resources. They were searching for a better, more time and cost-effective method to monitor water use.

The installation of 54 SynaptiX collector units is eliminating the need for manual meter reads and the associated travel to access each location. In addition to this, the one-time investment in a bespoke LoRA mesh network minimises the number of cellular data gateways and delivers significant cost savings.

Members of the irrigation cooperative and system managers can monitor their usage to detect leaks and this generates further water and cost savings.

The water metering data is automatically collected and uploaded to the SynaptiX Asset Management System (SAMS) database and customised usage reports are generated to assist with billing and reporting.

All water users in this cooperative can now understand their water consumption profiles better and implement appropriate water efficiency practices.