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Integrated Noise Management goes live

The Advitech Group launches Integrated Noise Management

In recognition of its collective acoustics experience, The Advitech Group has launched Integrated Noise Management. This is a collaborative, whole-of-business approach to noise management with a focus on providing value beyond compliance.

Leveraging the data already being collected via environmental monitoring systems, mine operators are enabled to make more informed decisions on how to best address noise challenges. Customers are seeing many benefits of this integrated approach – maximising productivity, getting the most from noise management budgets, and meeting the needs of all relevant stakeholders.

The collaboration between Novecom, Advitech and Hushpak Engineering means customers’ needs are being met across all aspects of noise management – from access to relevant and timely data, in-depth data analysis to fully understand the noise profile and knowledge building in partnership with the customer, through to the implementation of practical mitigation and attenuation solutions.

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