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Innovate Your Way to Better Noise Management

Noise management is one of the top three day to day management issues for mining operations.

It is inevitable that large scale mining operations will generate noise. When you combine this with near neighbours, it is no surprise that noise impacts will occur.

But how do you know whether noise is an issue for your operation? And how do you innovate to ensure your noise management dollars are spent wisely?

Compliance is just the beginning. You cannot achieve compliance without a thorough understanding of the noise generating aspects of your operation and the potential receivers of that noise. If you want to add value to your business and maximise productivity, then understanding and controlling your noise profile is essential.

If you don’t measure your noise profile, then you cannot manage it.  This is fundamental to establishing your business position in relation tonoise management. You must be on the front foot – you are not in a good position if your noise management relies on your neighbours complaining that you are too noisy.

To be most effective, the management of noise needs to be driven by your business.  It must be integrated with your operating philosophy and managed like any other constraint to the sustainability of your operation. Noise management is not separate to production planning or mine design.  In fact, it is integral to these processes in order to maximise your productivity.

All too often, the epiphany that an operation has a noise issue is followed by a period of denial – largely due to the lack of data. This is closely followed by a moment of frenzied activity to gather that data, then efforts to decide on how to manage the immediate problem. STOP there! An uncoordinated response to a noise issue will cost you money, both in terms of investigation and more importantly, in terms of the subsequent mitigation measures.

To be truly innovative, take an integrated approach to noise management across your business. Integrated noise management delivers a coordinated, considered and commensurate approach to address noise impacts. It helps you to understand the journey from gathering data, through the process of analysis and understanding the data, to educating and collaborating with technical specialists. The result ensures your business is in a prime position to make sensible, effective, informed business decisions.

The Advitech Group has successfully applied integrated noise management to a number of mining operations throughout NSW and QLD. They have had one common outcome – the development of knowledge within each operation to enable informed decision making. Stemming from this knowledge, each operation has been able to communicate with stakeholders from an informed position, and has strengthened their business reputation as a result.

The value of perception cannot be underestimated. Value beyond compliance is the new green credential.

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