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Independent simulation consulting for warehouse and distribution centres

Simulation Modelling Services (SMS) is bringing to market a genuinely independent simulation offering for those looking to optimise their warehouse and distribution centre operations without compromising resilience.

Using simulation as a decision support tool provides insights into the trade-offs that occur when managers seek to optimise cost and service levels. Within the complex supply chain environment, many variables can affect the optimal outcome – simulation is uniquely suited to addressing this complexity.

Whether you are developing a new facility, evaluating new technology or seeking ways to improve an existing facility simulation improves your ability to manage and predict efficiency, throughput, cost, and capability within the supply chain.

Simulation modelling to forecast future outcomes

SMS utilises simulation tools to create a 3D digital twin capturing all relevant aspects of the operation. The simulation model allows for experimentation across alternative scenarios to explore the impact resulting from changes to:

  • Staff – increase or decrease labour, change shifts
  • Floor spacing, layout and material flow
  • Task and order management – release time, release sequence, waves, batches
  • Product management – slotting, slot size, replenishment triggers and pick locations
  • Mechanisation or Automation – assumptions and constraints

Our simulations report on a wide range of performance metrics providing insight on:

  • Operational – cost, staffing, utilisation
  • Throughput – capacity, cut off time
  • Service levels – delivery on time, delivery in full and short picks

Why choose SMS

Simulation Modelling Services has over 30 years’ experience in supply chain and simulation. Specialising in simulation consultation, software, training, our team of engineers, mathematicians, and scientists help companies understand the bigger picture, to better minimise risk and maximise opportunity.

What you can expect from SMS:

  • Independent advice: Our team can assist in providing an independent analysis of your operations. Our independence allows us to challenge assumptions and constraints.
  • Incorporate dynamic behaviour and variability: Our simulations incorporate the randomness and variability evident in real-world systems.
  • Predict outcomes even in complex systems: Our simulations are capable of capturing complex interactions and provide meaningful and realistic output.
  • Tailored solutions: We customise our simulations to meet your specific needs, no matter the scale or complexity of your operation.

To discuss how simulation modelling can support your warehouse or distribution centre, phone +61 2 4926 1500 and talk to our team of simulation consultants.

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