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Improving road safety with mobile speed monitoring


Based in regional Queensland, our client was a large mining facility with diverse operations and well over 900 staff on site each day. Of those, a large percentage are required to move in light and heavy vehicles, all hours of the day and night.


With the volume of staff, contractors and visitors driving around the site each day and night, our client needed a solution to monitor vehicle speed and demonstrate compliance to site road rules. Essentially, they were looking for a solution to understand traffic volumes and data to monitor compliance to speed limits – 24/7.

Given the nature and location of the site, the solution also needed to be robust and easy to deploy, allowing it to be used effectively across the expansive and largely remote site.

The client approached Acubis because of our strong reputation in providing surveillance solutions to mining operations and our diverse experience with mining projects.


The team from Acubis assessed the site and its traffic incident history. Acubis addressed the problem in the same manner as for public road safety – with a speed radar camera. But unlike traditional radar cameras, Acubis offered Intercepta Smart Radar Camera. With its integrated intelligent software, infrared technology and solar panels, Intercepta operates 24/7. A GPS location tracker confirms the exact location of the mobile speed radar trailer on your site

Intercepta, manufactured by Emergent Group company Novecom, operates with a mobile communication trailer, encompassing a suite of technologies which monitor and record traffic as well as individual vehicle data. The intelligent software delivers advanced data analytics and customised reports, helping HSE Managers to monitor compliance and improve safety. The mobile trailer is easy to deploy and can be moved around site to monitor peak fleet movements and dangerous sections of road.

When installed and linked to the site’s existing wireless network, Intercepta provides visual feedback of speed in real time, helping drivers to monitor and manage their own speed. Video footage of the vehicle and registration plates are also sent to Mine Management so they can take immediate action against speeding offences.


Since Intercepta was deployed on site, the client has seen a decrease in the number of speeding offences and speed related incidents. Drivers have an increased awareness of speed and, overall, compliance to speed limits has improved. Furthermore, up to 98.5% of speeding drivers slow down in response to the visual speed display.

The collected data allowed our client to better understand driver behaviour, peak vehicle traffic and identify high risk sections of road. Video footage also allowed them to compare data between contractors and site personnel. This highlighted a significant increase in over speed issue with contractors, which resulted in advanced road safety training for contractor inductions.

Interested in Intercepta for your site? Contact Novecom or Acubis today.

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