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How can simulation software Simio optimise your operations?

Simulation modelling is a well-established technology applied to both optimising system design and process improvement for a broad range of industry sectors. From mining, healthcare, manufacturing, call centres and military to airports, rail, roads and warehousing – there’s no limit on the types of operations that can benefit from simulation software such as Simio.

Capable of supporting your business to plan more strategically and improve operational efficiency, on an ongoing basis, Simio allows easy mimicking of real-life objects and processes. That’s a valuable tool when needing to visualise and understand your systems, analyse system performance, evaluate alternatives or minimise risk of new implementation methods.

Managing Director of Simulation Modelling Services (SMS), Lucas Stretton, says Simio provides users with an accurate model of their systems’ behaviour, that can be used for decision-making when driving performance improvement.  “As a computer simulation package, Simio is used for simulating business processes. The reason we are simulating those business processes is invariably to understand if they will perform in the way they are intended to perform, prior to actually committing to building a new process or changing an existing process,” he said.

“Today we might be applying Simio to a mail distribution company, tomorrow a prison. They are completely different industries but at the end of the day they are business processes,” Lucas said.

“Business processes are typically described as something that has to move from point A to Point B – whether that’s an envelope or a prisoner – and the process is subject to some level of variability or uncertainty with contention for finite resources along the way.”

Lucas says the benefit of modelling a system is to test it before investing in any major capital investment.

“That comes in two varieties – this style of software gets used before an operation exists or it gets used when there is an existing operation and there’s either an expansion or some change to that operation. Employing Simio allows the client to make sure the expansion or change operates as it is supposed to, prior to committing resources to it.”

Why use Simio for planning and scheduling?

  • Simio allows you to deliver services on time and budget in the presence of uncertainty.
  • The software enables you to undertake an automated risk analysis to assess your plan’s feasibility.
  • After assessment you can correctly allocate resources to improve your daily operations.

Next generation simulation software

Lucas says Simio’s 3D capacity is highly appealing due to its simplicity but adaptability.

“Simio really is the next generation of simulation software featuring full object-orientation with the ability to define processes and objects step-by-step, graphically, with no text-based programming required.

“The fact that Simio provides the ability to create highly complex models without the need for text-based programming provides accessibility to a broad range of users, not just computer programmers.

“As Simio is an object-orientated language, it allows you to quickly and easily create customised reusable modelling objects that can be utilised across multiple models.”

How is Simio integrated into your operations?

“Globally, Simio is applied to a broad range of different industries, basically any type of industry with a logistical component where things need to move from Point A, to Point B to Point C,” Lucas said.

“Our clients sometimes want a full service consulting engagement, to utilise the technology to give them the answers to their questions. Typically their question is “If I build this will it do what I want it to do?”

“So in a full service consultation we come in, we work with them to understand their process, we model it and at the end of the day we provide an answer which is – yes, this is going to work, or no, this is not going to work, or this is the most efficient way to operate.

“However, on the other end of the spectrum the customer says they want to acquire the capability in-house– we sell them the software and provide training and support on an ongoing basis.

“Sometimes we are engaged to build a model for a customer. If a customer wants to focus on analysing an operation and doesn’t have the time or expertise the build the model themselves, we deliver a fit for purpose model they can use to explore options.”

“Simio simulation-supported decision-making can find powerful solutions for your business,” Lucas said. The opportunities are endless and if you are interested in predicting future outcomes and unlocking the value of existing data, Simio software can help you.

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