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Congratulations Clayton Sparke – Lead Scientist Digital Environments

As Advitech continues to grow and expand our Managing Director, Steven Smith, was pleased to announce the promotion of Clayton Sparke to Lead Scientist – Digital Environments.

Clayton has worked on acoustics projects since joining Advitech in 2007. Initially contributing to noise monitoring, modelling and impact assessment for a range of clients, Clayton soon gained additional experience in monitoring design and industrial noise control through project work with the Group’s partner companies Hushpak and Novecom. Through exposure to Novecom’s SentineX platform, Clayton developed further specialisation in the real-time analysis of continuous environmental and process monitoring data. In 2018 he published his first peer reviewed research regarding applications of Machine Learning in noise classification and is responsible for our AiCoustics technology.

In his new role as Lead of Digital Environments, Clayton and his growing team will continue to develop expert digital systems that help manage the growing base of environmental monitoring and management data generated by a range of acoustic, air quality, meteorological, visual, water quality and process monitoring systems.

“Environmental staff are often required to make complex decisions in real time based on feedback from multiple independent sources of monitoring”, said Clayton. “We recognise that environmental managers are increasingly leveraging these ‘Digital Environments’ to make informed decisions, in place of relying on manual sampling and field inspections. As we collect more and more data, we will use new technologies to develop expert systems, using tools such as Machine Learning to provide solutions that facilitate better business decisions. Watch this space as this is an exciting new way of getting things done”.

We asked Clayton about his best experience, achievement or memory to date. “I always get a buzz when working with large, noisy machines like the Leibherr 996 excavator. At the other end of the spectrum, I’ve lost count of number of shooting stars I’ve seen during night fieldwork”.

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