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Ask not what IoT is, but what it can do for you!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is perceived to mean many different things to many people. When it comes down to it the definition is not that important.

What is important is what does IoT mean to your business?

If you operate a business that relies upon the efficiency, reliability and quality of your processes to produce viable product, then IoT may have meaning to you.

IoT will not add one bit of value to your business without you understanding the problems you need to address and the outcomes you seek to achieve. For this reason, IoT is not a revolutionary new solution, it is an enabling framework for the development and implementation of sensor based data acquisition and analytics solutions.

In its simplest form the IoT value chain is:

Sensor > Connectivity > Platform > Analytics > Applications > Knowledge > Optimisation > Productivity

  • Sensors – sensor selection and installation – generating the right data
  • Connectivity – enabling secure transmission of data from sensor via the internet (LPWAN, Cellular, Satellite)
  • Platform – the database application to manage data, connectivity and quality
  • Analytics – statistics, visualisation, machine learning
  • Applications – dashboards, mimics, digital twins
  • Knowledge – operational intelligence, actionable data, decision making
  • Optimisation – using knowledge to drive positive change
  • Productivity – this is the outcome

It takes a fairly diverse and unique skill set to deliver continuity across the entire IoT value chain. Emergent Group has the skills and experience to provide a continuous chain of custody for your valuable business data and can assist you with making the changes you need to secure a productive future.

Datonis® IIoT platform is massively scalable, with support for device management, big-data analytics and machine learning, and end-to-end enterprise grade security. Its high performance edge gateway offers built-in support for connectivity protocols, edge computations, rules and notifications, machine learning, and custom plugins. An ecosystem of business-value industry apps built on Datonis® and enterprise integration kits to leading enterprise systems help IT-OT convergence. With the ability to process billions of events, Datonis® offers SDKs and APIs to build custom IoT applications. An award-winning IoT platform and trusted by enterprises and partners globally, Datonis® is recognised by reputed analyst firms like BCG, Forrester, an alumus of the Microsoft Accelerator and most recently cited by Gartner in its report titled Competitive landscape of IOT platforms. More about Datonis

Our IIoT solutions are brought to you by member companies – Novecom and Simulation Modelling Services, in partnership with IIoT platform developer Altizon.

Novecom Pty Ltd is a leading sensor based information system integrator. Novecom can assist you in understanding your sensor needs and how to implement the hardware and software interfaces to obtain and manage your data. Novecom, through its partnership with Altizon – the Industrial IoT (IIoT) Company, provides a complete IIoT platform solution to enable the seamless acquisition and management of sensor data. Novecom is the APAC partner and distributor for the Datonis® IIoT platform. More about Novecom

Simulation Modelling Services (SMS) is a specialist provider of decision support solutions, providing insights into the opportunities to optimise your business processes so that you can realise the productivity gains required. SMS are experienced in complex data analytics, including machine learning, statistical process control and simulation. More about SMS

Altizon is the developer of the Datonis®IIoT platform. Datonis accelerates IT/OT integrations by helping quickly connect diverse industrial assets and launching new applications over a hybrid infrastructure with edge computing, advanced in-stream analytics, and deep learning capabilities. More about Altizon

The collaborative skills and experience of Novecom, SMS and Altizon, coupled with our customer centric problem-solving approach, ensures that your journey from IoT entrant to achieving value-added outcomes is considered and measured.

Contact us to explore IoT further – call Jeremy Pola at Novecom on 4924 5460, or Lucas Stretton at SMS on 4926 1500.