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Advitech Theatre Services

Advitech is a multidisciplinary engineering and environmental consultancy. We adapt our engineering skills and expertise to meet existing and new customer needs. Our engineering services now extends to theatres and performing venues.

Safety is paramount in all industries and workplaces, especially when hoists, lifting systems and structures are carrying dynamic loads over people’s heads.

Based on a strong reputation for providing risk, safety and design certification services to the mining industry, Advitech has also been successfully applying our engineering expertise, with knowledge of Australian standards and industry codes, to critical equipment and structures relevant to the theatre industry.

Our chartered engineers have worked with equipment manufacturers and consultants at numerous venues like The Sydney Opera House, Her Majesty’s Theatre and Jupiters Casino.

From hoist certifications to structural analysis and inspections – Advitech uses the latest methods, software and simulation tools to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

When it’s certified by Advitech, you can be sure it is safe. 

For more information on Advitech’s engineering services for theatres and performing venues email