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Advitech adds CFD modelling to its hazardous area management services

Many liquids, gases and dusts which are generated, processed, handled and stored in industry are flammable or combustible and may become explosive given the right conditions. Failure to accurately identify explosive atmosphere hazardous areas, classify their zones or operate with appropriate equipment or control measures within hazardous zones can be a recipe for disaster. Advitech has developed a strong reputation across a number of industry sectors for our Hazardous Areas Classification (HAC) services. We have now taken our hazardous area management services to the next level by adding Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling to our HAC service offering. CFD can add substantial value over HAC alone (including the real potential for significant long-term cost benefits) for those working within an industry where process specific zoning applies.

Our new CFD modelling and simulation capability is the result of a service partnership arrangement with global engineering services firm and CFD modelling specialists, Jimmy Lea & Chartered Engineers.

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