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Advitech Acquires Acubis Technologies Pty Ltd

The Advitech Group (now Emergent Group) is pleased to announce its acquisition of Acubis Technologies Pty Limited. Acubis is a multi-site, Mackay-based technology business specialising in the design and deployment of wireless networks and communication solutions for safety, production, environmental and security applications, with a strong history in the mining industry.

As part of the Advitech Group, Acubis sits alongside Advitech, Novecom and Hushpak Engineering in an integrated partnership of engineering, science, environment and technology companies, which celebrate 25 years in business this year. This latest expansion gives the Hunter-based Group an office presence extending from Sydney right through to North Queensland and into the Central West of NSW. The acquisition furthers the Group’s vision for continued growth as a leader in professional services and the manufacture of specialist equipment and bespoke solutions. It also reinforces the Hunter’s reputation as a region of innovation. The collegial nature of the Advitech Group means all its member companies will benefit. Acubis enhances the traditional technology and engineering aspects of the Group, and will support progress into new markets and industries.

The Group’s newly combined capabilities and locations will benefit industries such as agriculture, a recent area of growth for Advitech, where there is potential to achieve significant efficiency improvements through the introduction of new communication technologies. Larry Platt, Executive Chairman of the Advitech Group, maintains his focus on the future of the Group: It doesn’t stop here as strategic growth is in our DNA. We are on a quest for complementary businesses to expand our capabilities. Our vision is to be a constantly evolving organisation with all the adaptable skills necessary for the future economy.