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Advitech’s 30th Anniversary

ADVITECH celebrates a milestone this month with its 30th anniversary

This month Advitech is turning 30. Founded in 1988, Advitech began working in drafting services and minor software developments. Today The Advitech Group is a collective of five complementary businesses.

“We recognised that the future for Australia depended on knowledge, intensive smart manufacturing and services. Advitech and The Advitech Group is aligned with this future,” explains Larry Platt, Executive Chairman of The Advitech Group.

“Personally, science and technology is my passion. For as long as I can remember, I have had a never-ending need to understand how the world works. This personal interest was one of the key drivers for Advitech from its earliest days,” Larry said.

Advitech started life within Varley Engineering, but in 1988 it went out on its own and serviced large organisations that were losing their technical capabilities due to downsizing. The business grew up servicing local heavy industry in Newcastle, and today, is a leading driver in excellence and innovation in the technical sciences. Its capabilities now include a wide range of engineering services, project management, environmental services and high-level software development.

The business has grown both organically and through the acquisition of a range of complementary businesses. The resulting Advitech Group is a collective of five businesses which are supported by a technical and scientifically focused parent company.

The Advitech Group has STEM&M at its core but The Group’s range of products and services is wide and varied. Engineering design, project management, environmental assessment, sustainability, remote communications, monitoring systems and decision support, just to name a few. Predominantly The Group operates in mining and heavy industry, but it also has lots of experience in manufacturing, construction, government, defence and more.

Larry Platt explains The Advitech Group’s strategic blend of technical-science expertise and commercial acumen allows it to build the bridge between strategic intent and commercial reality.

“We believe our uniqueness lies in the breadth of expertise we offer within a relatively small organisation and our agility in responding to our customers and their challenges.”

“The foundations of science, technology, engineering and mathematics are essential to all that we do, and the innovations we create. Australia needs businesses with these skills and abilities.”

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