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Acubis on display in WA

Last month Acubis hosted a booth at the Western Australia Mining Conference and Exhibition in Perth. In addition to the exhibition, the event included networking, keynotes, panel discussions, seminars and more.

The exhibition showcased the latest technical and digital innovations across the entire mining value chain. Acubis joined more than 90 other leading industry suppliers to highlight the technology and services they offer to the mining industry.

Acubis demonstrated its specialist remote communications capabilities, including wireless data networks, communications infrastructure and augmented reality glasses.

Acubis’ WA State Manager, Thomas Fleay, was pleased to be able to meet so many influencers in the WA mining industry.

“Over the two-day event our Managing Director Chris Acton and I were able to connect with lots of people in the industry and talk to them about their communication needs.

“I’ve come away with a better understanding of the challenges currently being faced by mining companies in WA and feel even better placed to help them solve those challenges,” said Thomas.

Acubis has a long-standing relationship with global communications hardware company Rajant Corporation, and has become their number one partner in the Asia-Pacific. One of the items on display at the Acubis booth was an eye-catching trailer with a motorised extendable arm for mounting mesh networking equipment such as Rajant’s BreadCrumb wireless network nodes.

Thomas Fleay is now busy following up conversations held with WA mining professionals and welcomes enquiries from anyone in the industry who wants to improve their remote communications capabilities.