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A few thoughts on my experience at Emergent Group – by Jane Ewers

This is the first article in what we intend to become a series of personal reflections on working with Emergent Group on an internship. Jane Ewers, a student of Renewable Energy Technologies, came to work with us to expand her knowledge and increase her confidence in preparation for commencing full-time work in her chosen field.

As a final requirement to complete my study for an Associate Degree of Applied Engineering (Renewable Energy Technologies) I had to complete a professional placement.

I come from a working background in hospitality, so for me it was important to complete my placement within an office context rather than remotely, as office work environments were an enigma to me and a little intimidating.

Not only did my experience with Emergent Group enable me to develop skills and consolidate learning, it also enhanced my confidence in participating in a professional environment.

Despite my position being a temporary one, I was included in team meetings and office events and therefore felt accepted and valued as a member of the team.

The nature of Emergent Group’s structure enabled daily access to professionals across the STEM spectrum, all under the one roof. I was encouraged to ask questions of anyone if I required help within their area of expertise.

It was very exciting to be working with my supervisor Dr Glenn Platt who is an expert in clean energy technology, with unparalleled insight into the industry.

I worked with Glenn on reports for clients where I was able to contribute and apply knowledge from my studies, but more importantly receive a lot of guidance and feedback to help identify areas requiring further work.

After leaving Emergent Group, I am pleased to report I will be going directly into a job with a clean energy company as Project Development Officer, developing wind and solar projects across NSW.

Prior to my placement here, I may have deemed myself too inexperienced to apply for the job but the guiding supervision from Glenn, and the skills I acquired during my placement, gave me the confidence and tools required to progress my career.

Jane Ewers