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2023 Emergent Group Values Awards

Our team is like a jigsaw puzzle, where each piece brings something unique to the table. We’re more than just a business – we’re an ecosystem of ideas, connections, and possibilities. That’s why we proudly call ourselves Emergent Group. We value the importance of meaningful work and balancing it with leisure, and we expect nothing but the best from everyone. In return we share the benefits of success with the team, extending beyond just the financial.  

Emergent Group strongly values a modern approach to work-life balance and maintains a healthy, collaborative culture, where individuality and difference are respected, and all voices are heard. The Emergent Group values outline five principles which best reflect the company’s core standards and places emphasis on our commitment to delivering excellence to our customers. 

  • Think Science and Technology   
  • Integrity First 
  • Embrace the Challenge 
  • Deliver Excellence  
  • Be Us  

2023 saw the introduction of our Shout Out program which promotes positivity and recognition of outstanding behavior within the workplace. Employees who received shoutouts during that calendar year were contenders for the Annual Values Awards. Not only are the nominees up for a prize, but also the nominators, whose names went into a hat to be drawn out at random. This is our way of cheering each other on and high-fiving those who go above and beyond.  

The inaugural Emergent Group Values Awards were announced in December last year. 

The 2023 winners were:  

  • ‘Think science and technology’: Stacy Walker (Novecom) – for his inspirational project management. 
  • ‘Integrity first’: Lilly Großstück and Ramesh Ramamurthy (Advitech) – for their exceptional resilience and loyalty in the face of adversity. 
  • ‘Embrace the challenge’: Iain Traill and Jemima Jackson (Advitech) – for their significant effort to deliver under trying circumstances. 
  • ‘Deliver excellence’: Clayton Sparke (Advitech) – for his committed engagement with clients to ensure high quality outcomes.
  • ‘Be us’: David Leask (Novecom) – for his investment of time and energy to promote social cohesion at work. 

The Shout Out program is an excellent way for employees to recognise and appreciate their colleagues’ hard work and dedication. By acknowledging and highlighting the achievements of our teammates, we can inspire others to strive for success. We received 15 nominations through the Shout Out program in 2023 and hope to triple that in 2024 as more employees proactively celebrate the achievements of their colleagues 

We’ll continue to celebrate and support one another in the workplace, and together we will achieve great things.