Team Value Proposition

What's it like to work with us?

To find out what it’s like to work with an Emergent Group company you’re best to speak with someone who works here. However, we can tell you a bit about us and the benefits we offer employees.

We expect everyone to contribute to the success of our organisation and in return we share the benefits of success with the team. The benefits we offer go beyond the financial.

Emergent Group Team 2021


We do our best to maintain a healthy, collaborative and friendly culture, where individuality and difference are respected and all voices are heard.

  • We maintain “open doors”- you can bring anything up, with anyone, at any time.
  • We’re always open to new ideas.
  • We aren’t risk-averse, but we are careful risk-managers.
  • We make decisions based on evidence.
  • We’re a team, and we all pitch in.
  • We will support our team to contribute to the community at large.
Benefits - spelled out in blocks


We are a family-focussed organisation so we support flexibility to meet personal or family commitments.

  • We offer the ability to exchange up to 2 weeks of recreation leave for additional remuneration, or, conversely…
  • We offer the ability to exchange remuneration for additional recreation leave
  • We offer a company-provided lunch once a month together with celebrations for occasions like birthdays or cultural events.
  • We’ve been around for a long time and we value stability. We offer our team security and support over the long term.
  • We will support our team to take non-paid sabbaticals or other periods of time away, if mutually beneficial.
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Safety, physical and mental, is our highest priority. We maintain the systems, procedures and equipment to keep it there.

  • We believe in balance. We are not an organisation that expects you to sacrifice your own wellbeing for a business outcome.
  • We offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) where you can anonymously get professional help at any time.
  • We are always very keen to hear feedback on how we can better assist our team’s wellbeing.
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We believe in learning as a life-long experience and we encourage our people to update their skillset and stay abreast of current thinking and emerging trends in their discipline.

  • We offer regular training to the company- in-house training courses and seminars on new technology and methods.
  • We are open to discussions on how to share the costs and benefits for broader training that an individual may wish to pursue.
  • We are open to discussions on career progression and new challenges.
  • We contribute to our staff’s membership of professional societies.
  • We will offer regular team evaluation and development discussions, and in these sessions also seek feedback on our own performance
note on desk 'flexible working'

Flexible Work Arrangements

We will support flexible work arrangements that are balanced with the need to support our clients and the needs of colleagues in the business.

  • We will support working from home arrangements that continue to accommodate regular contact with colleagues and clients.
  • We will support flexible work hours or schedules.

Work infrastructure

We provide staff with the equipment and infrastructure they need to excel in their role and support employees as we all adapt to modern “digital” work practices.

  • We provide a safe and comfortable office.
  • We ensure video conferencing equipment in our office provides a quality connection for those joining a meeting remotely.
  • We maximise our use of electronic documentation.