The Network Effect

The Network Effect recruitment campaign: It takes a village to hire the best

We’ve launched a creative offensive in the war for talent and we need your help. Welcome to our ‘Network Effect’ recruitment campaign.

We recognised that something radical had to be done to stand out from the crowd and find talented people to fill roles in our growing organisation.

Our business is all about applying leading science to solve big challenges. We realised that network theory could be used to address our current recruitment challenges.

Network theory reveals the power of interconnection. Our Network Effect recruitment campaign works by rewarding people who recommend successful candidates, even if they nominate themselves. Anyone who recommends a person who is selected for interview will receive $500. If that person goes on to be employed by one of the Emergent Group family of companies, the prize for the nominator jumps to $5,000.

To help address the gender imbalance in our team, we are encouraging nominations of female candidates by increasing the finder’s reward. If the nominated candidate is successful and a woman (including cis, trans and gender diverse), the prize goes up to $600 for an interview and $6,000 if they are employed.

Our motivation here is simple – greater diversity is good for the business, and we need to increase our gender diversity.

The process for nominating a candidate, or applying yourself, is easy. Just follow the link on this page to the nomination or application form. If you nominate someone, they will be contacted and invited to submit their CV and cover letter explaining their suitability for a particular role.

Our Network Effect recruitment campaign will run from June until the end of August, with current vacancies across a broad range of engineering, science and leadership roles listed on the left-hand side of this page.

If you’re a science or engineering student looking for an internship or work placement, or you know an amazing student who is, we’re open to receiving applications . These won’t attract the full nominator fee, but we’ll endeavour to recognise people who nominate incredible students to work with us. To apply yourself or nominate someone, follow the appropriate link below.

Terms and conditions apply

Good luck!

Next steps

Know someone suitable? Nominate them!

If you know someone you think would be suitable to apply for a position, click the button below to complete the nomination form. Your nominee will be notified, and you will receive emails updating you on the progress of their application.

Applying for a role? Do it here!

If you have been nominated by someone and you’re interested in a position, click the button below to complete your application form and upload your CV. You can even nominate yourself for a role and apply here! We will be in touch as soon as possible with the outcome of your application.

Terms and conditions

  • To be eligible to nominate, a nominator must:
    • Have an active account with an Australian financial institution, capable of receiving electronic direct deposit transactions.
    • Be over the age of 18 years.
  • To be eligible for nomination, a nominee must:
    • Be located in Australia
    • Be legally allowed to work full-time in Australia for Emergent Group.
  • A nominator must only nominate a potential candidate(s) who they know, and who would be willing to be nominated as an individual potentially interested in working with the Emergent Group.
  • All nominations and related activity must adhere to applicable Australian laws and community expectations.
  • A nomination can only be made for positions currently open for application on the Emergent Group website.
  • A nominator can only submit one nomination per nominee.
  • Nominators must use their legal name in their nomination.
  • Nominations expire 3 months after submission.
  • Nominators must not harass or bother nominees to apply for a role with Emergent Group. If a nominee is not interested in applying for a role with Emergent Group, leave them alone! Emergent Group will not be held responsible for the actions of nominators or nominees.
  • Nominations close on the 31 August 2022.
  • Only one nominator per nominee will be paid. If Emergent Group receives multiple nominations for a successful application, the nominator who was first to submit a nomination will be the one paid.
  • If a nominee is interviewed by Emergent Group, the nominator will be paid $500, and if the nominee interviewed identifies their gender as other than male, the nominator will be paid $600. Here, an “interview” is defined as a formal job interview, in front of an Emergent Group interview panel. Emergent Group reserves the right to conduct pre-screening of nominees, using mechanisms such as an initial phone call, that are not considered an “interview”, and for which no payment will be made.
  • If, following the interview process a nominee is employed by Emergent Group, the nominator will be paid an additional $4500, or, if the nominee identifies their gender as other than male, Emergent Group will pay an additional $5400 to the nominator. For this payment to be made, a nominee must be contracted for employment with Emergent Group for a period of greater than 3 months.
  • The decision whether to interview or employ a nominee is at the full discretion of Emergent Group. Decisions to interview, and/or recruit, any nominee will be based on merit and the nominee’s suitability to the roles Emergent Group has open at the time of nomination. Emergent Group does not guarantee that any nominee will be awarded an interview, or employment, with Emergent Group.
  • For a nominator to be paid, nominees must provide Emergent Group with explicit permission to advise the nominator of the nominee’s success in securing an interview or employment with Emergent Group. If a nominee does not provide such approval, the nominator will not be paid.
  • Emergent Group will not provide nominators with any justification or explanation regarding their decision to interview or employ a nominee.
  • Payments to a nominator will only be made by direct deposit to the nominator’s Australian bank account. Emergent Group will endeavour to make payment as soon as possible after the first interview (in the case of a payment related to a nominee securing an interview with Emergent Group) or start of employment (in the case of a payment related to a nominee gaining employment with Emergent Group) but no guarantee is provided regarding this timing.